Patterns of Life
Patterns of Life
Patterns of Life
Patterns of Life

Hello, and welcome to the home of Patterns of Life's music.


P.O.L. is mostly one man living near Oxford, England, but guitarists and other vocalists sometimes appear. The music is mostly synthesiser based, but other things are used - bass guitar is the most common.


The music is often compared with 80s Synth-pop, which is fair enough for the songs; I'm not sure its correct for the intrumental pieces though. Feedback on such issues is always welcome.



There are seperate pages for the Vocal Songs, and the instrumentals - I debated 2 different band names but decided it wasn't needed. There's a page for my poetry, and another for the world around us, as that's what inspires me to live, and make music.


There's a feedback page for any website issues, (it is still under construction), or if you have any questions. There are links in sevral places to where you can hear/buy my music.



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